Covid Safety



  • If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, of the Coronavirus, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms in the last two weeks, we ask that you please reschedule your appointment. No fees will apply for cancellations regarding health during this time.
  • To comply with social distancing, we are required to limit the number of people allowed in the building at any given time. We ask that you call the salon upon arrival and remain in your car until you are notified to enter the salon. We will be functioning on one person in, one person out.
  • One guest per appointment, no extra people, including children, will be allowed in the salon. The only exception will be for people that need assistance to arrive safely to the building.
  • As an extra precaution, we will be using a no-contact thermometer to check all staff members and guests before entering the salon.
  • Upon entering the salon we ask that you wash or sanitize your hands before the start of your appointment.
  • All staff and clients are required to wear a mask and must bring one to their appointment. If you do not have a mask to wear, we will provide one to you for a $5 fee.
  • Additional safety and sanitation protocols are in place for everyone’s safety. Work area disinfection is required of our staff before, during and after each appointment.
  • We will not be offering any beverages to our guests at this time, and we ask that you do not bring any food into the salon during your appointment.
  • We are only accepting credit card payments. If you would like to leave something for your service provider, please enclose it in an envelope prior to your arrival and hand it directly to them.

What we’ve done:

  1. UV-C enhanced HVAC system to ensure cleaner, pathogen-free air in the salon.
  2. Strict sanitation before and after each client.
  3. Every staff member has earned their Barbicide certification. (The preferred sanitation and
  4. disinfection practices consistent with the highest industry standards!)

  5. Attached you will find a list of our daily sanitation protocols required of all staff members.

What we ask of you:

  1. Masks are required. Please always keep your mask on and over your nose while in the salon.
  2. No food or drinks are allowed in the salon.
  3. Please limit what you bring in the salon to a minimum.
  4. No additional guests are allowed to enter the salon with you at this time.