Our Story

After opening in 1982, the Dominic Michael Salon quickly established itself as a group of professionals who were serious about the craft of hair cutting. In over 40 years of service, that hasn’t changed. But it’s about the only thing that hasn’t—a standard we committed to very intentionally.

We knew from the start that to not just become but remain the kind of place that provides the highest quality salon services, we’d have to continually seek out opportunities to improve and evolve. We’d have to be open and responsive to change. We’d have to lead the industry—not follow it.

Whether that means experimenting with the latest trends, techniques and tools, renovating our space or reevaluating our business practices, we have remained not just open to but enthralled by transformation.

Our efforts have been met with both local and national recognition, but nothing has been more rewarding than knowing that we’ve stayed true to our original goal: continuing to provide the best services in St. Louis to our deserving guests.